Why You Should Invest In Micro Cement

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Micro cement is an increasingly popular material within the construction industry. It has all of the benefits of traditional cement, but is more versatile and modern in its appearance.

Micro cement can be used in a variety of different ways; from floors and walls to custom-made furniture, it can be used on pretty much any surface. It’s also durable and easy to maintain, making it the perfect choice for many different applications, both commercial and residential. At L&C, we stock micro cement in a variety of colours and can provide you with everything you need to lay your own micro concrete flooring or walls, including products like the Pronto Skim Coat Micro Cement Mix which is perfect for when you need to create a smooth finish on your micro concrete flooring.

Micro cement is becoming increasingly popular because it’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance once laid. It’s also very durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, so if you’re looking for a new flooring solution that looks great and won’t cost you the earth – micro cement could be just what you need!

Micro cement is becoming one of the most popular flooring finishes in the world. Micro cement is a smooth, thin and highly durable renovation material that provides a seamless finish to your flooring. Micro cement can be used in many different applications, both interior and exterior. It’s also suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential projects including retail outlets, offices, domestic living spaces and even bathrooms.

Micro cement is also known as micro concrete, micro screed or microtopping. The name “micro concrete” is generally used for larger areas where it can be applied with a trowel. For smaller areas such as floor tiles, you will be using micro screed or micro topping instead (which are the same products).

Micro cement is installed over an existing surface – usually concrete or plywood. As well as being attractive to look at, micro cement creates a seamless surface which is both durable and hard wearing. And while you may think that this will make it difficult to clean, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Because there are no joins or grout lines in our flooring systems, there are no places for dirt to gather – making our floors easy to keep clean.

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Micro cement is a micro concrete product that is used for coating different surfaces, such as floors, walls, bathrooms and furniture. It can be applied on new or old surfaces, with the result that they are protected from wear and tear.

Micro cement is also an ideal material for indoor or outdoor use: it has high resistance to weather conditions and water absorption. Micro cement has a wide range of colors, structures and finishes (polished or matt). Micro cement can be applied to different types of surfaces, such as concrete, sandstone or stone.

Micro cement is a modern type of coating technique that is mainly used for applications in very small areas. To create this beautiful finish we use a special material called micro-cement. This consists of a mixture of natural materials and thus forms a smooth surface which gives you the effect of the real concrete floor. With our micro-cement your floor will have the appearance of an old concrete floor which has been exposed to several years of wear and tear.

With this technique we achieve a very strong connection between floor and wall layers, so that the entire structure becomes one whole. Due to the high strength we can apply this technique on every surface you desire!

Micro cement is a very thin layer of cement based in resin, which is applied over a variety of surfaces. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, on floors and walls, on old and new surfaces.

Micro cement is applied by a professional team of applicators who have been trained to perform the work to high quality standards. Since it’s a very thin layer (usually 1-2mm) it’s important to use experienced applicators so that the micro cement does not crack or become uneven.

Micro cement can be applied on top of old tiles, marble, stone etc in order to give them a different look.

It can also be applied over new surfaces as long as they are smooth enough to provide a suitable base.

Micro cement is one of the most trending materials in the construction industry. It allows you to create a variety of textures and finishes, making it the perfect material for modern flooring and walls. The possibilities are endless.

Micro cement is also known as micro concrete, Microscreed or Microtopping. It is a very thin layer of cement base that is applied by hand onto multiple surfaces, including walls and floors. It is applied at a thickness of only 2-5mm and is then polished to give the desired finish. The end result is extremely resistant and durable, making it ideal for interior design projects.

Micro Cemento is a new generation of decorative materials that has been developed and manufactured by the company Laticrete. It is a mixture of cement, ground quartz, sand and polymers. When applied to a substrate in a thin layer it can give the appearance of poured concrete, polished stone or textured stone.

The product was developed initially as a floor covering for commercial applications and has now been adapted for use in domestic environments. The product has been used extensively in restaurants, bars, retail units, hotels and leisure faciltiies throughout Europe. Micro Cemento is now being specified for many domestic applications such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Microcement, also known as micro-concrete, micro-mortar, microtopping, cement plaster and nanoconcrete, is a very fine material that has been used for many years in the construction industry. It is applied using a trowel or spray and is ideal for creating ultra-thin floors and walls of just 1mm thick.

This material was originally developed to increase wear resistance in industrial floors and has been adopted by architects and designers because of its capacity to transform the appearance of any space with a range of finishes including polished concrete, marble and stone. Microcement can be applied to create a smooth or textured finish, with multiple colour options available on request.

Microcement is made from a combination of white cement, aggregates, polymers and other additives which are mixed together to create a homogenous blend that provides the material with its unique properties.

Due to the very small size of the particles used to produce this material (just 20 microns), microcement has extremely high physical characteristics including strength, adhesion and durability. The different components in the mixture also help improve its resistance to water penetration, making it particularly suitable for use on exterior surfaces when finished with additional coats of oil or wax.

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