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Our advanced formula removes a wide variety of stains. Whether you spilled some on the carpet, or your kids got it on their clothes, our product will take it out. A little bit of this goes a long way! Try our new stain remover today!

Our product works even on old stains. No more need to worry about that pesky stain that has been there for years. With our special formula, it’s as good as gone!


Detail-oriented housekeeper with over 15 years of experience in top service hotels and resorts. Highly skilled in all areas of home cleaning, including dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. Offering exceptional attention to detail, and a talent for keeping homes spic-and-span. Certified in CPR and First Aid.

Many of today’s most difficult stains are not caused by dirt, but by natural elements found in wood, stone, concrete and brick.

These stains require an acid-based cleaner to dissolve them.

The problem with other acid-based cleaners is that they cause more problems than they solve. They can damage the surface they’re cleaning, and they can be toxic to both people and the environment.

Stain Remover uses a safer, less damaging formula than traditional acid-based cleaners for concrete and brick. Safe for use on colored concrete, it does not contain hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid. Instead, it uses a proprietary blend of organic salts that attack the stain without attacking the substrate. Stain Remover’s advanced technology dissolves stains to the bottom, eliminating them permanently instead of just bleaching them away like many other products do. This can be very important when removing oil stains from concrete driveways or garage floors – you don’t want your driveway to look clean for only a few weeks until the stain reappears!

Professional Strength Concrete, Masonry Cleaner & Efflorescence Remover A highly concentrated cleaner and efflorescence remover. This product combines the cleaning power of oxalic acid, with the etching and brightening effectiveness of hydrofluoric acid. It is formulated to remove cement stains, mortar smears, rust stains, hard water deposits and white mineral efflorescence. It is also an effective cleaner for ceramic tile, grout and masonry surfaces. Removes: Cement stains

Mortar smears

Rust stains

Hard water deposits

White mineral efflorescence

If the stain is fresh, rinse with water and blot dry. If it is dried, scrape off excess and moisten it with a small amount of water. Apply a small amount of product to the area and work in gently with 1 or 2 fingers. Rinse well and allow to dry. If necessary repeat treatment.

Cement Stain is a non-acidic, biodegradable, concentrated, liquid cement remover designed to remove fresh cement stains on concrete, masonry or wood surfaces.

Cement Stain was developed to remove fresh white or colored portland cement stains on concrete and masonry surfaces. Cement Stain can also be used as an economical means of removing fresh cement stains from ceramic tile and other types of stone.

It is important that the stain removal process be started as soon as possible after the stain occurs. After the cement has dried for approximately 3 to 5 days, it becomes extremely difficult to remove the stain without mechanical means.

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