Now Belle Minimix 150 Bags in stock – Contact us today to schedule your order!

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Now Belle Minimix 150 Bags in stock – Contact us today to schedule your order!


MINIMIX 150 – Compact, lightweight and portable mixer ideal for small to medium building projects. The Belle Minimix 150 mixes a full barrow load of concrete or mortar with ease. Powered by 240 Volt electric motor complete with start / stop control. The Belle Minimix 150 is constructed from sheet steel which is hardwearing, durable and easily cleaned down after use. Supplied complete with barrow height swivel stand, barrow height 4 pin plug, handle and wheels for easy maneuverability.

Motor: 230 volt

Power output: 240 watts

Drum capacity: 90 litres / 120 litres (materials below)

Mix Output: Mortar (per batch): 3 x 25kg bags = 75kg / Cement (per batch): 2 x 25kg bags = 50kg

Weight: 32kg

Now Belle Minimix 150 Bags in stock – Contact us today to schedule your order!


* Easy to manoeuvre and transport around site.

* Fits through a standard door frame.

* Mixes a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.

* Powered by a proven Honda GXH50 4-stroke petrol engine.

* Folding stand for easy storage and transportation.


* Drum size: 90Ltr (0.2cuft)

* Drum speed: 20rpm / 40rpm

* Dimensions (LxWxH): 1390 x 570 x 740mm

* Weight: 68kg

Belle Minimix 150 Bags – Portable Concrete Mixer

The Belle Minimix 150 is a compact mobile cement mixer designed for small to medium building projects. The Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer can mix up to 100 litres of cement, mortar or plaster and takes about 30 seconds to mix. The Belle Minimix 150 is perfect for mixing concrete for garden walls, fence posts and for small projects where a larger mixer would be impractical.

The Belle Minimix 150 is the smallest mixer we rent out. It’s ideal for smaller jobs around the home, where a larger mixer would be too large or cumbersome.

Our Belle Minimix 150 is just the latest addition to our extensive range of concrete mixers. This compact, robust and reliable mixer produces 180 litre batches of fresh concrete and can be towed behind a suitable vehicle.

This model has been designed for occasional use where there is no reliance on mains electricity. Fitted with heavy duty highway tyres and a swivel tow hitch, the mixer can be quickly connected to most vehicles when required. Belle’s robust construction ensures minimum maintenance.

Key Features

180 Litres wet concrete output

Compact, portable and robust machine capable of mixing at a rate of up to 15 batches per hour

Heavy duty highway tyres fitted as standard for maximum portability

Innovative swivel tow hitch allows multiple towing options as standard – compatible with both 50mm ball & eye type tow hitches

No reliance on mains electric – suitable for occasional use in remote locations

The Belle Minimix 150 mixers are lightweight and portable. These electric concrete mixers are ideal for small footings and bases, binding blocks and concrete repair. The mini mixers are used by large building contractors, masons, plasterers and DIY users for a range of applications. These traditional cement mixers have proven to be durable, reliable workhorses on building sites around the world for decades.

These Electric Concrete Mixer can be transported easily from site-to-site, whether in the back of a pick-up truck or on a trailer. Belle Mini Mixers offer more power and less noise than any other mixer in its class. There is no need for stands as this mixer sets up quickly with just its own weight. The drum is made from hard wearing metal together with heavy duty castings on the drum ring gear and roller chains make this a strong robust mixer. The Belle Minimixer has been designed with the home user in mind but has also built to industrial standards for reliability.

The Belle Minimix 150 is a heavy duty portable cement mixer.

– Heavy Duty Drum

– Supplied with Wheels

– Robust Frame

It has a very high output and is suitable for small to medium building projects. The wheelbarrow design makes it easy to mix and pour the concrete where it’s needed. This mixer can be used on or off its stand and is ideal for both home DIY projects and trade use.

As the most durable and reliable cement mixer on the market, it is a great choice for small to medium building projects. It features a 150 litre drum capacity, with a mixture output per hour of up to 50%. The Belle Minimix 150 has the ability to mix concrete and mortar, with its easy use tipping mechanism.

It is powered by a Honda GXH50 petrol engine, which is lightweight and fuel efficient. As well as being super robust, it is also easy to manoeuvre around site even when fully loaded.

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