Making Concrete Countertops Cheaper & Faster

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Making Concrete Countertops Cheaper & Faster: A blog about concrete counter tops and do-it-yourself ideas.

My name is Jason, and I welcome you to my blog about concrete countertops. This is where I post new countertop projects and ideas for improving your existing concrete surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

Making concrete countertops is an exciting, creative process. It’s something that any DIY’er can do, with a little help from some helpful tutorials and tips on this site. You don’t need expensive machinery to make great countertops; with a little ingenuity and patience, you can make something beautiful in your kitchen or bathroom without spending a lot of money.

I hope you find this blog useful and entertaining! If you have any questions, then please leave a comment below or post them on our Facebook page!

I’m making a set of concrete counter tops for my kitchen. They are not a complicated project, but I had a hard time finding much information on the internet, so I thought it would be good to document the process here as I go along.

I have read some other articles and blog posts about building concrete countertops. Some are excellent, and some are pretty poor. Often they don’t contain enough detail to do the job right. So I will try to include as many details as possible in my own posts, even if that makes it harder to read through them on one sitting.

The thing that most people think about when they think about concrete counter tops is how attractive they can be. But there were two other things that motivated me to make my own: cost, and speed.

The process of making concrete countertops can be quite time-consuming and expensive, and it is best to have some experience before attempting a large project. In this blog I will cover the basics of DIY concrete countertop projects and provide links to more detailed instructions.

If you are interested in learning how to make concrete countertops, then you have come to the right place! We offer several different websites that can help you get started with your concrete countertop project.

You may want to check out our EasyCast Concrete Countertop Casting Kits that include everything you need to make a 1 inch thick concrete countertop up to 12″ x 12″ (or 12″ round). These kits are perfect for small samples, kitchen countertops, table tops, or any other small piece of furniture. They also make great gifts! Our kits are available in three different colors: white, grey, and black. Each kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet so you will know exactly what to do when it comes time to cast your own concrete countertop!

I’ve put this blog together to share my excitement about concrete countertops. Concrete is a great countertop material that is cheaper and faster than stone, so it’s much more accessible for the average person. I’m also excited about the ability to recycle glass and other materials into countertop surfaces.

I’ll be posting some of my own projects along with information on how to get started with cast-in-place countertops, precast countertops, and recycled glass countertops.

Christine and I make concrete countertops as a business. We started in 2008 and have honed our craft to be able to produce about 30 counters per month. After working at it for over 6 years, we have learned quite a few tricks to make the process more efficient and cheaper. We also like to do things as DIY as possible because that is our spirit!

We are always looking for ways to save money, so if you have a tip or trick that may help others, please share it with us!

I made a video to show you how we built our concrete countertops thicker and wider than the standard. We felt that this was much more important than minimizing the concrete costs.

I think the results speak for themselves.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a young man who wanted to know if I could help him make some concrete countertops. He told me that he was just getting ready to move into a new house, and the kitchen counters were in bad shape. He couldn’t afford to buy quartz or granite, so he wanted to try concrete instead.

I asked him why he wanted to use concrete, and he said that it would be much cheaper than buying granite or quartz. I mentioned some other options that might be cheaper, but he was really set on using concrete.

I tried to explain how expensive it was going to be for him. He didn’t want to listen and was convinced that it would be much less expensive than buying other countertop materials.

He asked me how much it would cost him if he used a mixture of sand and cement, and I told him that it would cost about $20 per square foot for just the materials for his project, which was about $300 for 15 square feet of countertops.

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