How To Use Micro Cement In Your Concrete

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Welcome to our blog where we will discuss the benefits of using micro cement in your concrete. We will also be including tips and tricks to make sure your project goes as smooth as possible.

Micro cement is a fantastic product that has many uses and effects, it can be used on both internal and external surfaces. It can be coloured with pigments to give an endless list of colour options. The finish is perfect for modern style homes looking for a contemporary look. Micro-cement is a fantastic alternative to traditional tiled flooring, it’s easy to clean, durable and looks great!

Another benefit of micro cement is that it can cover multiple surfaces such as concrete, render or plaster board. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of projects.

We would recommend using our micro-cement with either a non-slip or polished effect finish depending on your application with most jobs requiring around 3mm thickness.

This blog will be updated regularly with new information so keep checking back for more!

Micro cement is the first of its kind, a type of concrete that can be used for a variety of jobs such as flooring and walls. It is a liquid screed that adds texture to your surface and comes in a variety of colours. This is a guide to using micro cement in your next job.

What Is Micro Cement?

Micro cement is made from cement, water and fine aggregates. It has a smooth finish, with less than 0.3% porosity, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. It can be applied to most surfaces including concrete, wood, tiles, brickwork and plasterboard. Because of this, it is an ideal choice for renovations or refurbishments where you need to give an existing surface a new look without removing it first.

Micro Cement is a unique cement based micro mortar flooring system that can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

Micro Cement is a modern, high performance polymer modified cement that can be applied extremely thin and therefore offers limitless possibilities for use. It can be used in combination with a wide range of decorative aggregates and can incorporate many special effects.

Such as;

Marbling, veining, flaking, glittering, stencilling, colour washing and many more personalised effects.

Micro Cement is designed to be thinner than conventional flooring systems allowing it to be installed over existing materials including ceramic tiles, timber floors, concrete and steel.

A thin layer of Micro Cement will enhance the appearance of any surface giving it a seamless smooth finish.

Micro cement is a very thin mix of cement and resin. It is applied to floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and accessories. It can be applied to most surfaces including glass and ceramics.

Micro cement can be used to cover an old tiled floor to give it a contemporary look or it can be used as a floor covering in its own right. Micro cement is suitable for both domestic and commercial projects.

The range of micro cements available on the market is increasing all the time, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your requirements. The subtle variations in colour and texture can create a dramatic change in the overall look of your room.

Micro cement or micro concrete is a very thin mix of concrete also known as microscreed or micro toppings, it is a cementitious material that is applied by trowel at a thickness of only 2-3mm.

Micro cement is an ultimate finish and can be used to create seamless finishes in both domestic and commercial properties. It can be applied over existing floors, walls, furniture and more.

Micro cement can be applied over existing flooring such as tiles, vinyl, timber and more. Micro cement is a versatile product that can be applied to most surfaces including wood and glass.

In comparison to other flooring options, micro cement’s benefits include:

– Seamless finish

– Quick drying time

– Durable & hard wearing

– Non slip surface

Micro cement, also called micro concrete, is a versatile product that is applicable in a range of situations. It can be used on the floor, walls and in many different applications. Micro cement can be used to cover existing tiles and flooring, as well as be applied to new surfaces.

Microcement is a cementitious -based material, comprising an acrylic resin binder that is mixed with other specialised additives to produce a durable, flexible and extremely strong cement-based coating. It’s normally applied by hand but can also be sprayed on certain projects.

It comes in many different colours (white, grey or any colour you wish) with each batch being custom made to the colour of your choice. The strength of microcement depends entirely on the project itself. If it’s not going to get any wear and tear then you don’t need to go too crazy with the thickness of the application. If your project will see a lot of use then you need to make sure it’s thick enough and strong enough to withstand whatever you’re throwing at it.

With all of our products we like to give you all the information and advice that we can before you get started with your project, if there’s anything specific that you need help with then please do contact us

Micro cement is a practical and versatile solution for creating a custom look in your home, business or office. It can be applied to almost any surface, including concrete, metal, wood and stone. This type of finish is ideal for applications where you want the appearance of concrete but don’t want to use a full layer of concrete. Micro cement comes in a variety of colors and can be mixed with other materials to create the appearance of concrete. One popular use for this type of coating is as an alternative to laminate flooring on kitchen countertops because of its durability and resistance to stains.

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