How to Replace a Shower Door with a Plastic Door

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One day, I was replacing a shower door and it crashed to the ground, shattering into a million pieces. I took one look at the pile of broken glass on my bathroom floor and said to myself, “Self, this is not going to be an easy fix.” But I had no idea how hard it would really be.

After much research and shopping around for an alternative to glass doors, I found that plastic doors are all the rage in home design today. Plastic doors can be easily installed with a few simple tools such as a screwdriver and a level. They also come in different colors and styles, so they can enhance the look of any bathroom. Here’s how you can replace your old shower door with a plastic one.

This article tells you how to replace a shower door. You may need to replace your shower door if it is broken or the tracks are rusted shut.

Materials Needed:


-new plastic shower door (make sure to purchase the correct size)


1.Remove existing door. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold it in place.

2.Clean the opening where the old shower door was attached, using a stiff brush and warm water. If there is rust on the tracks, use a wire brush to remove it.

3.Install new shower door by attaching it to the same screws that held previous one in place.

Shower doors are usually made of glass or plastic. Plastic shower doors are not very resistant and so damage easily. If your shower door is damaged, you can replace it quite easily. All you need is a new door, a drill and some plastic cement.

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools. First, find the right door for your bathroom. You can find one at a local hardware store or shop online. You will need to get a shower door that is the same size and shape as your previous door. You will also need a drill and some plastic cement.

Step 1: Remove Old Door

First, remove the old door from the shower by unscrewing it from its hinges. If any of the screws won’t come out, try using WD-40 to loosen them up. Also, if there are any pieces of glass still stuck in the frame, use pliers to pull them out before installing a new door.

Step 2: Clean Frame

Next, clean out the frame where the new shower door will go with soap and water. This step is important because without cleaning it first, the adhesive won’t stick properly to the frame. Once cleaned, dry thoroughly with a towel before installing new door.

Step 3: Att

1. First, unpack your plastic shower door and lay it out on a clean surface. You will notice that there are 4 pre-drilled holes on the top of the door. These holes are for the door hinge.

2. Next, locate the plastic cement tube and puncture the tube with a long nail or screwdriver in order to open it up. Then take your caulking gun and load it with this cement.

3. Now, at either end of the bathtub where there is a metal frame you will apply some of this cement from your caulking gun along the metal frame. Please note: If you want to make sure that this plastic shower door will stay on its hinges you must apply the cement liberally all around this area where you can see that there is a metal frame running along either side of your bathtub.

4. Next, take your two plastic shower door hinges and hold them directly up against these metal frames where you just applied some of this plastic cement so that they fit perfectly over these frames. The two holes on each hinge should line up with the two holes on each frame as well as on both sides of the shower door itself.

5. Then, take a Phillips screwdriver and insert it into one of the

1. First, you will have to remove the old door. To do this, you may need to use some plastic cement.

2. Next, you will have to measure your bathtub so that you know how wide you will want your new shower door to be.

3. Before removing the old shower door, take careful measurements of it so that you can choose a new shower door that is the same size as the old one.

4. Then, using a screwdriver, remove all of the screws from the hinges on your old shower door. Take care not to scratch or mar the surface of your bathtub as you do this.

5. Once all of the screws are removed and your old door has been taken off, you will be ready to install your new one. If there is any residue remaining on your bathtub from the plastic cement used to keep the old door in place, use an acetone-soaked rag to wipe it away.

For this project, you will need a screwdriver, some screws, and a new shower door. The first step is to remove the old door. If it has been in place for a while, it may be difficult to remove. In these cases, you may need to use a screwdriver to help pry the door off its frame. Once the door is removed, simply install the new shower door in its place by screwing it into the frame.

Plastic cement is a solution for gluing plastic materials. It is a very strong glue that makes it possible to bond pieces of acrylic, polystyrene and other similar materials. With the strength of plastic cement, it can be used to fix any broken part in an acrylic shower door.

The first step in repairing the shower door is to prepare the plastic cement and other materials that will be needed for this project. Assemble all these things before starting to ensure that everything will go smoothly and fast. You would need the following: plumber’s tape, hacksaw blade, putty knife, sandpaper, rags, emery cloth, cleaning solvent and safety glasses.

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