The Top 5 Reasons For Not Lifting Heavy Weights

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1. You’ll get too bulky.

2. You’ll get injured.

3. You will lose flexibility.

4. It’s not functional training.

5. You won’t burn fat.

The problem isn’t that these concerns are totally without merit, it’s that they are blown way out of proportion and used to scare people away from doing something they should be doing: lifting heavy weights safely and with proper form.

In the last few years, the weightlifting world has been taken over by the “functional training” movement. However, I do not believe that most people should use it!

In fact, contrary to popular belief, I think that lifting heavy weights is actually a dangerous and unhealthy exercise. In this article, I will explain why lifting heavy weights can be harmful to your health and how you should avoid it altogether.

1. It is not safe: The main reason for not lifting heavy weights is that it is unsafe. It can lead to injuries such as muscle strains or even broken bones if you are not careful. There have been many reports of people who have suffered serious injuries from lifting heavy weights incorrectly.

2. It can cause back pain: Another reason why lifting heavy weights could be bad for your back is because it puts extra strain on your spine which causes pain in various areas including the neck, shoulders and lower back area.

3. It may increase blood pressure: Another reason why lifting heavy weights could be bad for your heart is that some people who lift heavy weights tend to develop high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease and stroke over time (especially if they already have pre-existing conditions). The best way to prevent this problem would be doing cardio regularly

If someone asked you what the most common reason people gave for not lifting heavy weights, what would you say?

The most common answer I get is that they’re afraid of getting “bulky.”

You know…big, broad shoulders and traps, a thick chest and back, big legs, and strong arms.

But this is just a made-up excuse!

It’s also one of the dumbest reasons I hear people tell me why they prefer to stay away from heavier weights. For many women, it’s the main reason they stick to cardio and machines while avoiding the free-weight section at all costs.

What women don’t realize is that lifting heavy won’t give them the bulky look they’re trying to avoid. Men naturally have more testosterone floating around their bodies than women do and that’s why men can gain muscle easier than women. It has nothing to do with heavier weights or building muscle faster (that’s another myth).

The truth is that lifting heavy will give you a leaner look than using lighter weights for high reps because using heavier weights causes your body to burn more calories throughout the day by increasing your resting metabolism rate (RMR). Lifting heavy also causes a greater amount of muscular

1. Because you’re a female and you don’t want to get bulky

This is the number one argument against lifting heavy weights for women. The truth is that if you’re a woman, lifting heavy does not mean that you will look like a man. Women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to allow them to build the kind of muscle mass that men do. If you’re worried about getting big, take a look at the male bodybuilders around you at the gym and then decide if those arms are really what you want.

The fact is that, with the exception of a few genetically gifted individuals, it’s very difficult for women to gain muscle. And when they do it’s because they’ve been working out hard and consistently for years, eating lots of protein and carbohydrates and taking supplements like creatine and testosterone boosters (which many female bodybuilders do). So unless you’re willing to eat, lift and supplement like a female bodybuilder, don’t worry about getting bulky.

1. I don’t want to get bulky

2. My breasts will shrink

3. I will lose my feminine shape

4. I will hurt my back/knees/wrists/other joint

5. I lift weights as part of a cardio workout and lifting heavy will make me look like a bodybuilder.

If you’re afraid that you will get “bulky” from lifting heavy weights, then you are either: A) Not lifting heavy enough; or B) Are genetically predisposed towards building muscle faster than most women, and if that is the case, then you probably have an athletic build and do not need to worry about it anyway. But for the majority of women, who happen to be “hard gainers” when it comes to muscle mass, there is absolutely no reason to fear getting bulky from weight training. You simply cannot turn into a female Arnold Schwarzenegger unless you are taking some seriously strong steroids or other illegal substances (and even then it’s still unlikely).

Most people spend most of their time at work being busy. Being busy feels important, it is certainly ego-boosting, and we often get a lot done. And yet, after years of doing this myself, and now helping others to do it, I have come to believe that being busy is the surest way to slow down the progress you could make toward your most important goals in life.

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