is a product that Can Be Used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather.

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Vinyl Cement is a product that Can Be Used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather. This is a superior adhesive that is most commonly used to bond all types of vinyl to itself or to other surfaces. It can be used to bond vinyl, leather and vinyl tile. The cement is in an aerosol spray can and comes with a needle applicator which allows the user to apply the adhesive in small areas.

To get the best results, it is important that you clean all surfaces which you plan to use the Vinyl Cement on before using the product. Use rubbing alcohol and an old cloth, wiping down all surfaces thoroughly. Make sure that all oils have been removed from the surface so that the glue has a chance to stick well to it.

It is also important for you to understand how Vinyl Cement works and what kind of application process you need before you start your project. Before applying the cement, you will want to tape off any areas where you do not want the cement applied. For example, if you are gluing a linoleum floor in place, then you will want to tape off around the edges of the room so that any excess glue does not seep out onto other surfaces.

Once your area is prepared, it’s time to begin applying

Vinyl Cement is a product that Can Be Used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather. It is a fast drying glue that can be used to repair any cracks or holes in the material. It is a very strong adhesive and it dries clear so it will look like new again after it has dried. This product is also good for creating a strong seal on different materials. By using this product, you will be able to create a water tight seal that can be used on any type of material that you are working with.

Vinyl Cement is easy to use and it does not require any special tools. You just need to apply the cement to the area that needs to be repaired and then let it dry for a few hours before you can use it again. This is a great solution for anyone who needs to repair their vinyl or leather material because it does not take long for the glue to dry so you can finish your project quickly.

Vinyl Cement is a product that Can Be Used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather. It can be used in the home or automotive applications, and is great for use on vinyl tops and convertible tops.

Vinyl Cement is a permanent adhesive, fast drying and will bond vinyl to itself or any porous surface. Once dry, it is unaffected by oil, gas or most other solvents.


High quality bonding agent for all types of vinyl, leather, tile and rubber repairs.

Can be used with patches, patches with scrim backing or as an overall coating on fabrics.

Vinyl cement is a product that Can Be Used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather. It is Stronger Than the Bonding Agent That is Used for Leather and Vinyl. Cement bonds are used to create a bond between two surfaces that are not normally adhered together. The bond is created by the transfer of energy from one surface to another. This energy is transferred in a number of ways, including chemical reactions, mechanical pressure or friction.

Vinyl cement can be used to create a waterproof seal around the edges of vinyl siding or windows. This type of sealant can also be used for flooring materials such as linoleum and carpeting.

Vinyl cement can also be used to repair the seams on vinyl upholstery or to repair damaged vinyl window frames. This type of adhesive can also be used to repair small tears in vinyl furniture covers or ripped leather seats in automobiles.

Vinyl Cement is a product that can be used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather. This product is a solvent based cement that will not be affected by oil or dirt residue. One of the best features of this product is that it can be cleaned up with water in its uncured state. Once cured however, it will require a chemical cleaner to remove any excess residue.

This product can also be used to bond vinyl to itself or vinyl to other porous materials such as wood, concrete, metal and some plastics. It can also be used to bond leather patches onto leather products and is excellent for the repair of many types of vinyl products including seat covers and cushions.

Vinyl Cement dries clear and flexible on most materials. For best results always test first. Apply to surface with a brush or roller, then use a heat gun or blow dryer to accelerate curing time. When used on automotive interiors, we recommend using a blow dryer for three minutes after application for best results.

The temperature should be between 70-75 degrees F when applied for best results. If you are repairing an automotive interior, we recommend that you apply this product before installation so that you do not have to contort your body around the seats in order to apply the cement

Vinyl Cement is a product that can be used on Vinyl, Tile and Leather.

It is an industrial strength adhesive which bonds in minutes. A thin coating will hold up to 200 lbs. per square inch. It can be used for permanent repairs on boat seats, furniture, luggage, shoes, belts, purses and much more. Vinyl Cement is resistant to gasolines, oils and solvents.

Vinyl Cement will not dry out or harden like shoe glues or contact adhesives. These products are generally solvent based and have a very strong odor which must be allowed to dry or “gas off” before the bond becomes effective. If you have ever had your hands stuck together with these glues you know what we mean!

At the other end of the spectrum are the water-based products such as rubber cement and latex adhesives. While these are virtually odorless they have their own set of problems. Like all water-based glues they must be used on porous surfaces only and may swell or distort some fabrics when exposed to moisture.

This is a vinyl cement that can be used on vinyl, tile and leather. It works great!

I have used this product on many of my crafts, even my shoes. It is so much better than glue for these types of fabrics.

I would recommend this product to anyone who does crafting with vinyl, leather or tile.

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