How To Avoid Falling Victim to Concrete Countertop Scams

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Before we get into the how to avoid scams, we want to make it clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with concrete countertops and that many installers do a fantastic job. The problem is when people who don’t know what they are doing start offering concrete counters as a product without the knowledge of how to install properly and without the experience to know what can go wrong if they don’t do it correctly.

This can happen in any business where someone is trying to offer services based on trends, so it’s important to be careful when you’re hiring someone you don’t have an established relationship with.

There’s a new concrete countertop scam in town and we want you to be aware of it. The scam is that a company orders a thousand or so bags of premixed cement, adds dye to it and resells it under their brand as “concrete countertop mix”.

They are not concrete experts, they have taken no time to understand what makes a good concrete countertop mix and their marketing department has done a great job at lying to the public by saying things like: “The Best Concrete Countertop Mix Available” and “Made by Experts”.

Do not be fooled!

The truth is, these companies have never made a concrete countertop in their lives. They buy ready-mix cement at Home Depot or Lowe’s (or whatever local hardware store is near them), add some dye to it and sell it as their own concrete countertop mix!

Are you are interested in concrete countertops? Have you searched the internet and have seen those “blue circles” that appear on some of the web sites. These blue circles is a scam. These scams are now being posted on all of the internet search engines.

The reason you are seeing these scam blue circles on some concrete counter top websites is because someone has paid an advertising company to have them placed there. Some companies will even go so far as to put up their own fake reviews just to get your business.

In the past few years we’ve seen an increasing number of concrete countertop fabricators claiming to use Blue Circle cement. Some have even gone so far as to claim that they are affiliated with, or even owned by, Blue Circle Cement. These claims are simply false and often used as a way to mislead consumers.

To ensure that your concrete countertops are fabricated with the highest quality materials, we recommend that you ask your fabricator if they use Blue Circle Cement or one of our other brands like CEMEX. Make sure you ask for evidence of this including samples of their work or certificates of conformity. The company you choose to do your countertops should be happy to provide this information and any reputable company will use the best materials available.

Are you looking for a new concrete countertop for your kitchen or bathroom? There are many different styles and options to choose from, but one of the more popular ones lately has been the blue circle cement that is gaining notoriety for it’s ability to be made in a wide range of colors.

It seems like every day I am seeing more and more advertisements for this type of countertop, and there are even websites dedicated to selling them. I have seen some concrete counters with this design on them that look amazing!

However, there is a lot of controversy over whether or not these types of countertops are a good idea or not. There are some people who think they’re too expensive while others love them because they are so easy to clean and durable.

The main problem with these types of counters is that they will stain easily if not cared for properly. This means you need to make sure you clean up any spills right away or they could become permanent stains on your beautiful counters.

There are other issues as well though such as how easy they are to install yourself without professional help which can end up costing you more money than if you just hired someone else do it instead (this applies especially if you don’t know what you’re doing!).

So before deciding whether or

If you are looking for concrete counters, you will soon find that this is a very popular and easy to maintain option. Concrete countertops are a great idea for any kitchen or bathroom, as they look great and are durable. There are many different options available for concrete counters, including how the counters are poured and finished. You can add color to your concrete countertops if desired, which allows you to match your current decor.

There are many different styles of concrete counters to choose from. Some stores sell premade concrete countertops; others will custom make them according to your specifications. If you have a design in mind, they can create a countertop that is just right for you. They can also be customized with an added design or color as well.

The downside to buying a premade concrete countertop is that it may not be as sturdy as a custom made one. This could be something you have to deal with if you live in an area where there are heavy rains or snowstorms often. If your area receives a lot of rain or snow, then it may be best to invest in a custom made concrete countertop instead of buying one from a store.

You need to know how the concrete countertop is made and the materials used. This knowledge will help you understand how the concrete will perform for your installation.

You need to know what to look for in companies that make these countertops. Any reputable company will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their products, processes, and services.

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