concreto cement  commercial office spaces Bogota › Antioquia Commercial Office Spaces

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concreto cement  commercial office spaces Bogota › Antioquia Commercial Office Spaces

This modern building, is located in the center of the city of Medellin, a few blocks from the main park; and has a total area of ​​1.650 m2. Addressed to companies and offices, it has all the services required for a comfortable and practical operation. The building is built with cutting-edge construction systems that allow efficient use of space and reduce energy consumption.

It has 4 floors for offices and 4 parking levels, as well as three elevators, where one is exclusive for passengers, another for cargo and passengers and the last one for cargo only. The building is equipped with an emergency generator that provides power to 100% of load in case of power failure.

It also has emergency stairs to access each floor, as well as an emergency ladder that allows access to the roof terrace where you can find the common areas such as: cafeteria / social area, gym and two terraces (one on each floor).

concreto cement  commercial office spaces Bogota › Antioquia Commercial Office Spaces, concreto cement for commercial and industrial applications. About Us; Careers; FAQs; Press Releases; … CEMEX Ready-Mix Concrete.

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Commercial Office Spaces Bogota › Antioquia

Commercial Office Spaces for rent in Medellín – Concreto Cement.

Concreto Cement, company specialized in commercial office spaces for rent in Medellín. We have more than 5 years of experience in the rental and construction of office spaces in the city.

Among the services we offer are: design, remodeling, decoration and maintenance of your new office space.

If you are looking for an office to rent in Medellín, we invite you to know our available properties. In addition to renting offices, we help our clients in the entire process of relocation and adaptation to their new place of work.

Sector: commercial office spaces

Location: Bogota › Antioquia

Surface: 7.000 m2

Year of Implementation: 2018

​​​​​Concreto Cemento is a commercial building located in the sector of El Poblado, a neighborhood in the city of Medellin, Colombia where are located most of the offices of large corporations and companies. In addition there are concentrated the biggest shopping centers and restaurants in the city. The area is characterized by its great commercial dynamism, but also for its high traffic density and problems related to mobility.

This building has 9 levels within which they are distributed offices with meeting rooms, cafeteria and services. It is aimed at large companies dedicated to banking operations or similar services that require multiple offices and meeting rooms.

The project was carried out taking into account aspects such as lighting, ventilation and natural gas heating to reduce energy consumption and improve the working environment. To this end, we took into account the orientation of the facades towards different cardinal points to take advantage to the maximum of natural light through windows that extend throughout its height, as well as an internal distribution that allows a good flow of air through them. Another aspect that was considered was the facade design through a curtain wall system adapted to

Concreto Cement is a company that was born in the city of Medellin in 1995 with the purpose of undertaking and developing commercial projects, mainly for office spaces, warehouses and department stores.

Since its creation, Concreto Cement has been oriented to provide services and support to the trade sector, offering its customers the opportunity to make an effective management of their real estate assets. We do this through our innovation, quality and responsibility.

We are a company that understands the needs of its customers, we know them well because we have worked for them for more than 20 years. That knowledge allows us to offer them a personalized service; we give them security and tranquility during their entire process when acquiring or renting a property.

As a result of our success throughout Colombia, we have been working with international companies in commercial development projects. We are currently working on several projects in Bogota (Colombia), Panama City (Panama), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Miami (United States).

Concrecemento is the leader in energy efficiency, with a highly specialized team in Bogotá, Medellin and Barranquilla, that takes care of the design and construction of commercial office spaces in Bogota. The concrete cement is a building material used for several years in various constructions due to its resistance and durability. The concrete cement is obtained by mixing water, cement and aggregates (sand). This mix has the ability to harden and bind together all types of materials.

Concrete is a material that can be used for the construction of new buildings or for repair work. The use of this type of material allows the construction to last over time because it adapts to any type of weather.

Concrete has different uses, it can be used as flooring, walls or facades; It provides greater resistance than traditional materials. Concrecemento also offers this type of product for the realization of parking lots, slabs and pavements.

The creation of concrete requires a number of steps and procedures that guarantee its quality. First, we need to choose the right material; Then prepare the mixture and finally carry out the installation process. Concrecemento has professionals who are trained in the assembly processes and they will advise you

Concreto Cemento is a business office building located in the heart of the financial district of Medellin, Colombia. The goal of the project was to convert an existing concrete structure into a more efficient, contemporary and flexible office building. The design focused on creating a visual connection between the exterior and interior spaces of the building through a series of large skylights and voids, bringing natural light deep into the structure. While at the same time creating open areas for collaboration and interaction, as well as private offices.

Concreto Cemento is the first project that uses recycled tires to create a facade in Latin America, reducing waste and improving energy efficiency. This solution also allows for easy access to elements that require maintenance, such as lighting or ventilation systems and is made using a prefabrication process that guarantees quality control during production.


Architecture: Miquel Adria / Pere Buil / Michelle Drescher / Alejandro Lopez de la Cruz / Eduardo Peralta / Sergio Samper / Antonio Seguí / Ricardo Vázquez Álvarez 

Collaborators: Juan Carlos López Riaño / Juan Sebastian Martínez Restrepo 

Construction Management

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