5 Great Tips for Hiring a Concrete Paving Contractor

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Ask for a line item quote and review it thoroughly.

  • Ask the contractor to provide a detailed, line-item quote that covers all the work they will do.
  • If they don’t provide one, ask them to supply it.
  • For each step of the project, including the big items like excavation and pouring concrete, as well as smaller tasks such as cleanup and site maintenance, there should be a separate item with its own cost estimate. You also should make sure that dumping fees are included in your quote.
  • After you receive a detailed quote from your paving contractor, review it thoroughly and compare it with other quotes you received. Make sure that your final choice is fully insured.

Don’t be pressured into making a decision.

When a concrete paving contractor provides you with a quote, take your time to think about it. You could also ask the contractor to provide you with an explanation of the costs involved and how long the project is expected to take. Don’t feel pressured into making a decision right away.

Even though the quote might appear highly reasonable, you should consider doing some research online about the prices that other contractors in your area are charging for similar work. If you do decide on the services of any particular contractor, ensure that you understand every aspect of their quote from start to finish.

Ask for a proof of insurance.

Fourthly, always ask for proof of insurance. Any concrete paving contractor worth their salt should be able to provide proof of insurance to cover any accidents that may occur on your property or during the installation. The last thing you want is to have some concrete blockhead fall off a ladder and pummel your prized iris, leaving you responsible for all the medical bills associated with his/her injuries.

It is also important not to allow uninsured companies onto your property. If someone gets hurt while working on your home, they could sue you if they are not covered under the company’s insurance policy and a claim cannot be made. Don’t let this happen! Signs are posted everywhere requiring construction workers to wear hard hats and safety glasses, so if someone falls off a ladder without those accessories on, who’s liable? You guessed it—you! And don’t even get us started about accidentally hitting an underground gas line!

Be wary of lowball bids.

Avoid paying the lowest bidder. Accepting a low bid means sacrificing quality, and in this case, that can be especially dangerous. Concrete paving is both an art and a science—only an experienced contractor will know how to ensure the correct grading and paving techniques are used to ensure your driveway or sidewalk is built properly. Even if you have experience with other home improvement projects, paving concrete is one job you should leave to professionals.

Make sure you understand the warranty.

Make sure you understand the warranty.

Most concrete paving contractors offer a warranty on their work. But make sure you understand what is covered under the warranty, and how long it lasts. A warranty should cover materials, labor, and workmanship for the length of time expected for a concrete driveway to last (about 40 years). Make sure your contractor’s warranty includes his name, address, and phone number should any problems arise during the life of your concrete driveway.

Hiring an excellent concrete paving contractor can make the difference between a driveway you love, and one that needs to be replaced in five years.

Besides the obvious aesthetic difference between a good driveway and a bad one, poorly constructed driveways can crack and crumble with little use. This can be frustrating for homeowners who have spent thousands of dollars on projects that need to be redone in as little as five years. There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a concrete paving contractor: their track record, their licensing and insurance status, and their ability to install concrete effectively.If you’re thinking about installing a new concrete driveway for your home, you probably have a lot of questions. Who should you hire? How much will it cost? Where should you even start?

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 great tips for hiring a concrete paving contractor.

1. Think about what you want from your new driveway—and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

2. Do your research to find the best companies in your area.

3. Think about the details, like how long the project will take and whether or not your lawn will have access to water during that time.

4. Make sure their work is insured—it could save you thousands of dollars in case something goes wrong!

5. Ask about any warranties offered by contractors; some offer lifetime guarantees on their workmanship or materials used for installation.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead when you’re looking to hire a concrete paving contractor. Here are some things you can do to make sure you choose the right one for your needs:

1. Ask for references from the company.

2. Interview several companies and ask them about their experience and expertise in installing driveways similar to the ones you want.

3. Get an estimate from each company so you can compare prices before making your decision on which one will be doing the work at your home or business.

4. Make sure there is a written contract between you and any concrete paving contractor before they begin any work on your property.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something doesn’t seem right or if something seems out of place during the installation process—it’s better now than later when it could cost more money or time down the road!

A new, sturdy concrete driveway can last for decades. But it’s important to hire the right company to install it.

To make sure you get a great-looking, long-lasting driveway, look for a contractor who will:

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Paving your driveway can be a big investment, and you want to make sure you get it right. A concrete driveway can last for decades, so it’s important to hire the right contractor before you get started. Here are some tips for hiring the best concrete paving contractor for your project:

1. Make sure they’re certified

Don’t just pick the first name that comes up on Google—do your research! Check the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List for certifications and reviews.

2. Get a quote in writing

This part is important: make sure you have a written contract before any work starts. That way, if something goes wrong, you have something to fall back on.

3. Ask about their work experience

Ask how long they’ve been in business, what types of projects they’ve worked on (are they an expert at driveways? Or do they also do sidewalks or patios?), and whether they have references you can contact.

4. Know your different options

You might not know this, but there are a ton of different ways to finish concrete—stamped concrete, stained concrete, exposed aggregate… the list goes on! If you already know what look you’re going for, make sure the contractor knows how to

You’re getting a new concrete driveway (or patio, or sidewalk, or indoor flooring, or whatever). Congratulations! You’re about to get a new concrete surface that’s going to last for years.

But don’t take the wrong route and hire just any old concrete paving contractor. Your surface depends on your choice of contractor!

So here are 5 tips for choosing the best concrete paving contractor for the job:

1. Do they have the right experience?

2. Are they licensed and insured?

3. What do their customers say?

4. What is their timeline like?

5. How much will it cost?

Concrete driveways are an investment in your home, so it’s important to hire the right contractor for the job. When you’re looking at contractors, you should make sure that they:

-Look at your job and give you a quote before you commit to anything. Any contractor who asks for money first should make you suspicious!

-Have a good reputation—you can find out more about this by asking around or by doing a quick internet search.

-Can offer references from past jobs. If they don’t have references, that’s a red flag!

-Are willing to work with you on the design of your driveway right off the bat. You may be able to save yourself some money by making changes in this stage of the process.

-Have insurance and liability coverage! This is especially important if something goes wrong during the project.

1) Do they have a good reputation?

Don’t take the word of just one review site. Check out multiple sites—you can even search “[paving company name] + bad reviews” and see what pops up. You’ll get a better sense of whether the company has a strong overall reputation or if their customers have been having serious problems with them.

2) Are they licensed and insured?

This is really important and may affect your ability to get financing for your job. Make sure you confirm that your contractor has all the proper licenses, permits, and insurance required by your state and local authorities. This can also help ensure that you’re getting high-quality workmanship, because it’s an indication that the company will be doing things by the books and not cutting corners to save money.

3) Who are their suppliers?

Ask about this! The quality of the materials used in your project will affect its outcome, so you want to make sure that your contractor is using top-notch materials from reputable companies. The paving contractor should also have multiple suppliers who can provide materials if something goes wrong with their usual sources.

4) How long will it take to complete?

When you’re getting estimates, be sure to ask when each

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