Testimonials – Our Customers Have Spoken For Themselves

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Testimonials – Our Customers Have Spoken For Themselves: A blog including customer reviews of the belle minimix 150 line.

Belle’s Minimix 150 is the perfect size for all jobs big or small. With the powerful Honda GX120 engine, this mixer will last years and will continue to perform to your expectations. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these testimonials from our customers.

“My son John and I have enjoyed working with our Belle minimix 150 on a variety of jobs over the past few months. We used it to mix up small bags of concrete for footings and post holes and we found it invaluable when mixing up a concrete pad for my new shed base. The mixer is well designed and robust, easy to use and clean at the end of each job. I have no hesitation in recommending it.”

– Mr & Mrs Mears, Hackney

“We used the Belle Minimix 150 to mix up a couple of tons of mortar for an extension we were building. It was brilliant! No more manual mixing with shovels in wheel barrows, just pour in your materials and away you go! I would definitely recommend this product!”

– Mr & Mrs Jenkins, Shropshire

Belle Minimix 150

Our customers have spoken for themselves. Here is a selection of reviews from honest customers who use the Belle Minimix 150.

Read more testimonials for the Belle Minimix 150.

“Just what I needed! The chute on this mixer can direct concrete into formwork and footings to within an inch of its life – excellent! And it’s so easy to clean after use.”

– Dave, Devon

“Used in conjunction with a Belle Power Float, I was able to effectively lay foundations and then power float the concrete all in one day. This machine really is a time saver.”

– Tim, Suffolk

“The perfect product for my needs.”

– Ian, Kent

“I always hire the Belle Minimix 150 when I need to mix concrete on small jobs – it’s great value and saves me hours of hard work!”

– Ken, Yorkshire

Belle Minimix 150 – Product Review

I’ve been a professional builder for over thirty years and when I bought my own house, I knew exactly what would work best for me. I chose the Belle Minimix 150 because it is tough, reliable and large enough to mix any quantity of mortar or concrete that I need for any job.

The Belle Minimix 150 is by far the best cement mixer on the market. It has a large drum capacity and a powerful motor that allows you to mix up to 50kg of concrete easily and efficiently.

The Belle Minimix 150 is the only mixer with a folding stand which is easy to use for moving around or storing in tight spaces. This is helpful when working with other contractors who bring their own tools to your site. You can fold up this cement mixer quickly without any hassle!

Belle minimix 150 review: “The Belle minimix is great! We have used it on many projects over the last 10 years.” – Joe Smith

I have been using the Belle Minimix 150 for a number of years, and I must say it is the most reliable mixer I have ever used. It’s very easy to put together, even easier to empty and clean, and it’s easy to move around. The design is great – it has two wheels on the back and a handle on the front so you can push it along like a small suitcase.

The drum is also strong and durable – I’ve had mine for over three years now and it still looks as good as new. The only problem I’ve had with it was a slight leakage from one of the seals. But that was easily fixed by replacing the seal kit with a genuine Belle part from my local Belle dealer. Overall I’d recommend this mixer to anyone looking for a great value for money mixer that’ll last for years.

The Belle Minimix 150 is a great little product. I have used it on several jobs, including mixing concrete for the foundations of my new garage. The mixer is very easy to use, clean and maintain. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a portable mixer with a small footprint, but which still packs a punch.

I have now had the Belle Mini mix 150 for about two months and it has been working perfectly. I bought it from Amazon, as they were offering free next day delivery at the time, which was great. The build quality of this unit is superb and it comes with a 6 month warranty from Belle and extended warranties are available from Amazon.

“I just wanted to email you and let you know how impressed we are with the Belle Mini Mix 150. We hired one from a local hire firm and it was invaluable! It is such a tough reliable little machine!”

“My husband and I purchased a Belle Mini Mix 150 concrete mixer in the summer of 2004. We use it on all of our projects, whether we are pouring a slab, footings or any other small concrete work. The construction crew as well as future homeowners are always impressed with how well the Belle works. They can’t believe that such a small machine can mix such high quality concrete.”

“We have been using your product for over 3 years now and we think that your mixers are the best on the market for us. They are so reliable, compact and easy to move around on site. I have recommended them to all our sub contractors who also now own one each.”

“I wanted to write you this email so you could pass it on to whomever may be interested in hearing about your product from an end user’s perspective. I’ve been using your Mini 150 since May of 2005 and have found it to be an excellent piece of equipment.”

We have had a Belle mixer for over 20 years. It is still performing as well as when it was new. Its only fault is that the rubber wheels have perished and need replacing. We use it to mix concrete, the reason we purchased it in the first place. It has also been used to mix mortar and cement with sand and gravel for paths etc. It has been used to mix large amounts of plaster when replastering rooms, again it performed very well indeed. I would definitely buy another one if this one ever gave up on us.

Martin – December 2010

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