What is Roofon Cement? A blog describing the characteristics and use of the product.

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What is Roofon Cement?

Roofon cement is a light-weight, highly fire resistant and waterproof cement. It is made from a blend of high quality cement, graded aggregate, and special chemical additives.

The use of Roofon Cement results in the production of high quality roofing sheets that are lightweight, durable and economical.

Roofon cement is a product used to waterproof homes and other buildings. Roofon Cement can be used in place of concrete or asphalt to seal any building. Roofon Cement will not crack after drying the way concrete will, making it an ideal choice for use around homes. Roofon Cement is also environmentally friendly, emitting no fumes and needing no special equipment for cleaning.

Roofon Cement is available in two types: Standard Roofon Cement and Premium Roofon Cement. Standard Roofon Cement comes in a 46-pound bag, while Premium comes in a 40-pound bag. Both are available at most Home Depot and Lowe’s locations nationwide, as well as at many other dealerships.

Roofon Cement is manufactured by L&L Specialty Manufacturing of Sturgis, Michigan, which also produces cement powder and other cement products.

Roofon Cement is a unique waterproofing cement for general damp proofing and water proofing of concrete and sand cement roofs, floors, walls, basements. Damp proofing of cellars and underground vaults.

Roofon Cement complies with the requirements of BS 476 part 20, BS 6073 Part 1, clause 8.2 and BS 1881 part 201.

Roofon Cement is a white cement blended with special additives to give it plasticity and good adhesion to surfaces like concrete. It has superior binding properties and provides an effective waterproof barrier against dampness in buildings.

Roofon Cement is a product of Roofon Industries, with an annual production capacity of 10 million metric tons. It has been produced since 1958 and currently holds a 45% share in the global market. The product is used in the construction industry as an external wall coating and is marketed to both residential and commercial customers.

The product has very good adhesion properties on bricks, concrete, cement plasters and asbestos board surfaces. It is used for exterior painting purposes for both new and old buildings as well as for waterproofing of old buildings, bridges and monuments. It can be applied easily by brush or spray.

How to use Roofon Cement

Roofon Cement is best applied in two coats; a thick layer can be achieved by applying the second coat over the first while it is still wet. The application process should be done in dry weather with the temperature between 5°C and 35°C. Before application, the surface should be cleaned properly, free from dust & grease etc., and then allowed to dry thoroughly before painting. Waterproofing of old roofs should preferably be done after cleaning the surface with a wire brush.

Roofon Cement is a unique cement that is specifically formulated to meet the needs of the end user, whether they are in the building or construction industry. It has been developed to be able to provide a high quality and durable product at an affordable price.

Roofon Cement is a high strength cement that has been designed to be used in the construction industry. It can be used on all types of structures including roofs, walls, floors and walls with no adverse effects on construction materials or workers.

Roofon Cement has been developed over many years by our team of experts. We have worked closely with building contractors, architects and engineers to ensure that Roofon Cement meets all their requirements for a high quality and durable product.

The Roofon Cement range is available in two different grades, A and B. The grade A product is ideal for use in new buildings as it provides good thermal efficiency and low maintenance costs, while the grade B product can be used in existing buildings providing additional durability and greater thermal efficiency.

Roofon Cement is a premium blended cement consisting of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), well graded sand and other additives which ensure superior bonding strength, water resistance and faster setting. The product is manufactured in state-of-the-art dry process cement plants under the strict quality control of our technical team. Roofon Cement is tested and certified by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Government of India, for better performance.

Roofon Cement is ideal for construction applications as well as repairing jobs such as plastering, grouting, plastering repairs, laying screeds over under floor heating, fixing tiles & slabs in internal & external locations. Roofon Cement can be used for pointing and finishing renders prior to the application of protective and decorative coatings.

Roofon Cement is a waterproof cement mortar which is used as a waterproofing coating. It consists of cement, finely graded sand and synthetic resins. Roofon cement has been manufactured to provide an efficient and durable waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry surfaces subject to severe weather conditions.

Roofon Cement is used over: Concrete roofs, terraces, parapet walls, bathrooms, kitchens, water storage tanks, swimming pools etc.


1) High performance

2) Waterproof and protects from the harmful effect of rain & sunlight

3) Anti-corrosive to iron work like steel bars in RCC structures

4) Crack bridging properties

5) Excellent adhesion to substrate

6) Easy to apply by brush/roller/spray

7) Resists puncturing by stones/pebbles thrown during cleaning activities

8) UV resistant

9) Resistant to chemicals like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.

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